Roasted Coffee Beans

It’s all about freshness and flavor!

Our experience along with the relations with suppliers and farmers, allows us to find the highest qualities from the best sources. Our dedicated team spends a lot of time in assessing taste and flavor, and selecting micro-lots that meet our high quality standards. We have been buying from some of the finest estates, visiting most personally. Seasonality is our important approach to buying. We procure our products in the right season to taste great on its own- raw and complex, characteristics. We give utmost care for our products from the point of harvest by the method of processing the bean its and time spent in the warehouse. We test our products at every stages of its journey, too ensure we bring you a consistently great product.

Freshly roasted beans and grounded coffee supplied using the state of art Air Roasting Technology from Germany. Our dedicated R & D team successfully replicated the globally renowned Espresso Italian technology for the exalting experience of our modern Indian consumers.

We have different blend of Coffee Beans and Filter Coffee Powders to allure you by seducing your senses into submission while enriching your soul into enlightenment.

In addition to our wide range of blends we also blend large quantities of special blend request thus satisfying your unique requirements.