Tea Premixes Dealers in chennai

  • Tea Cardamom Premixed

    Do you have to taste a delicious cardamom tea? We are the best tea cardamom premix manufacturers in Chennai, and we stand out from the competition in the industry by offering our clients an excellent selection of tea cardamom premix. This cardamom tea premix is made using innovative equipment and cardamom of the highest grade that has been authorized. A traditional aromatic spice, cardamom’s flavoring will infuse your day with vitality. A whole detox drink is Richcafe’s cardamom tea premix. Richcafe is the only cardamom premix manufacturer in Chennai, and our cardamom tea pairs wonderfully with breakfast.

  • Special Tea Premix:

    Richcafe provides tea leaves, and other ingredients are combined in special tea premixes, which are prepackaged and designed to make distinctive and tasty tea drinks. We are the best special tea premix manufacturer in Chennai, which we provide, particularly in environments like workplaces, cafes, restaurants, and vending machines. These premixes are simple to use for quickly creating tea because they frequently come in handy sachets or packs. When selecting specialty tea premixes, take into account aspects like preferred flavors, desired health effects, and intended use. Out for premium premixes that are free of artificial additives and preservatives, and are created with natural components..

  • Masala Tea Premix:

    Richcafe is one of the leading masala tea premix manufacturers in Chennai, We provide high quality masala tea premix at a competitive price. In India, masala tea is widely referred to as “chai.” It is a flavorful beverage that is produced by properly brewing black tea with aromatic Indian spices and herbs. It was made in India. It is becoming more and more well-known globally. Traditionally, green cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, black peppercorn, and black tea leaves are used in its preparation. The best powder mixture for your chai is made using our own combination of spices. It is a blended tea with a variety of Indian spices. Our tea is made with a blend of Indian tastes.

  • Tea Ginger Premix:

    We are able to provide our clients with ginger tea powder since we are a quality-centric company, thus we are one of the trusted ginger tea premix manufacturers in Chennai. This tea powder might be able to relieve gastrointestinal distress. Depending on the needs of the customers, we offer our ginger tea powder in several proportions. In addition to relieving menstrual cramps, this tea powder helps lessen or avoid the common cold. Have you ever desired a refreshing cup of tea? With just a button push or a simple addition of hot water, Richcafe’s ginger tea premix with ginger combines the best quality instant tea with the energizing properties of ginger. It’s a wonderful combination and the ideal way to start the day. Add a little to your daily diet and liven it up. The benefits of the ginger will make this tea even better.

  • Tea Cardamom Less Sugar:

    With the finest-quality instant tea and the smallest amount of sugar needed to impart sweetness to the tea, cardamom tea premix low sugar offers you an exotic and delicate combination rich in the aroma of fresh and green cardamom. Thus, enjoy the tea with cardamom desi tadka. Professionals who are concerned about their health will love its ideal combination. Richcafe’s complete detox drink is a low-sugar cardamom tea premix. Richcafe’s cardamom tea (Low Sugar), a premix of strong tea with a subtle yet revitalizing cardamom flavor and a low sugar content, is a royal mixture that satisfies your taste buds without compromising on that secret sweet appetite! This is the iconic cardamom tea premix in a reduced sugar version. Reduce your sugar intake—not your favorite chai!.

  • Lemon Tea:

    It’s generally known that the majority of tea’s flavor comes from its aroma. When you blend it with a hint of lemon, your cup becomes an aromatic treat. With a sublime aroma of lemon, its exquisitely blended ingredients create a delightful cup of tea. The anxiety-relieving properties of lemongrass will uplift your spirits. Richcafe, a delicious tea made from a blend of lemon, tea extract, sugar, and other emulsifiers, is perfectly balanced and unique in this blend. free of the artificial additive. It has an unmatched taste and is high in vitamin C. Each tart sip makes you feel energized and alive. Once this premix is placed into the vending machine and a button is pressed, your tea is ready to serve and consume. Even though this lemon tea premix is perfect for use in vending machines, there’s another clever way to utilize it: all you need to do is add hot water to brew lemongrass ginger tea in a matter of seconds.

  • Green Tea, Ginger Lemon:

    We are trading these green tea, ginger tea, and lemon tea, which provide customers with a peaceful cup of our ginger tea, lemon tea, or green tea, which is sourced from trusted industries. Our tea experts carefully select gently steamed leaves to satisfy your palate. With careful selection, these greens will steep to produce a golden yellow liquor, a crisp aroma, and the distinct, somewhat astringent flavor of green tea. A delicious green tea blend with undertones of fragrant lemongrass and overtones of ginger root and lemon peel, expertly crafted by Richcafe. It is very smooth, satisfying, and refreshing.