4-Option Coffee Vending Machine

4 Option

4 Optional Coffee Vending Machines:

4 Optional Coffee Vending Machines: As the top notch 4 option coffee vending machine manufacturer in Chennai, we offer customers a perfect 4 option coffee vending machine by utilizing our industry experience. These vending machines are compliant with international quality standards since they are made using the highest quality raw materials, which are obtained from the most reliable manufacturer in the business.

4 Option Coffee Vending Machine- Suction Type:

Richcafe is one of the leading 4 option coffee vending machine manufacturers in Chennai, We are providing a 4 option coffee vending machine that uses suction to dispense coffee and is recognized as a suction type 4-option coffee vending machine. These choices frequently consist of different coffee drinks, like latte, cappuccino, and espresso, as well as potential hot chocolate or tea selections. These commercial-grade machines are frequently seen in public spaces such as airports, hospitals, businesses, and other areas where people require easy access to hot beverages. They are simple to maintain and utilize, and they provide consumers with convenience and diversity. Think about things like machine capacity, maintenance needs, brand reputation, and manufacturer provided customer service when looking for a coffee vending machine with 4 options.

                                                                Technical Specification
Operating Voltage                          220-230V 
Frequency                                       50HZ 
Dimensions in cms (W*D*H)         34X58X51 
Weight                                                29 kgs
Total power in watts                    2500 w
Additional Water tank Capacity    1 litre
Heater tank capacity                      2 litres
Dispensing rates /Minutes   7 cups
Dispensing Varieties   Any 4 types