6-Option Coffee Vending Machine

6 Option

In general, a 6-option coffee vending machine provides a greater selection of beverages than 4-option machines. Because there is a need for a wider variety of hot beverages, these machines are frequently seen in busy places including offices, universities, train stations, and shopping malls. Along with extra alternatives like hot chocolate, tea, or flavored beverages, the six options provided in such machines can include different varieties of coffee including espresso, cappuccino, latte, and mocha. Select a vending machine from a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer like us, the best 6 optional coffee vending machine manufacturers in Chennai. Seek out vending machines that let you adjust the settings and drink options to suit your own tastes.


Dimensions – H X  D X W 560 MM X 520 MM X 485 MM
Water Tank Capacity 25 LT      
Boiler Capacity  4 Ltrs
Canister Capacity 1000gms
Operation Voltage 230 Volt/50HZ
Initial start up time 10 min @ 32* C Room Temperature
Dispensing Varieties Any 6 types
Dispensing rates /Minutes 12 cups
Power capacity 5.2 Watts