Bean to cup coffee vending machine with Dairy Whitener

Our specialty is Beans to Cup Coffee Machines, which enable you to make barista-quality coffee at the push of a button. These Beans to Cup Coffee Machines are lightweight, easy to use, and built to last. They are renowned for providing a premium experience. We are a well known bean to cup machine manufacturer in Chennai,. Additionally, we give you an immense amount of flexibility by letting you alter the water’s temperature, coffee strength, and other settings. Coffee enthusiasts can find everything they need in bean-to-cup machines, including milk carafes, cup warmers, bean containers that hold the scent of your preferred blend, and much more. Why go with a bean-to-cup machine ? At the push of a button, your preferred beverage can be ready, with ease, because of this fully automated system. As it grinds coffee beans for each individual cup, the integrated grinder creates the freshest possible coffee. You may customize your drink with high-end features like touch controls and LED displays. Important attributes: Bean-to-cup machines eliminate the need for you to grind and pack the coffee beans because they come with an integrated tamper and grinder.

      Technical Specification B2C

Voltage/ Frequency     220-240 V / 50 Hz
Heating Power 3000 Watts
Pump Pressure   20 Bar
Capacity of Water Tank  2 Liters
Capacity of Bean container 750 gm
Capacity of Brewing unit   5-9 gm
Length of power cord                                                 1.8 Meter
Net Weight / Gross Weight                                      42 Kg / 46 Kg
Dimension (Length x Width x Height)                         55 cm x 42 cm x 65cm
 Number of Canisters 3