Instant fresh milk

Instant fresh milk vending machines are what we deal with. It is appropriate for delivering fresh, unpasteurized milk right to your door. It’s a little device that measures two feet by two feet and can be set up at any table in front of your company. The milk can be placed in any freezer or cooler; the instant milk vending machine will take the milk from the container and give it to the consumer. We provide a wide selection of beverage vending machines since we recognize that every customer has distinct needs. Our instant fresh milk vending machines provide exceptional beverage quality and adhere to world-wide cleanliness requirements. Our machines are perfect for both large and mid-sized businesses because they can dispense between 6 cups at a time.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions – H X D X W 575mm X 500mm X 335MM
Water Tank Capacity  25 LT      
Boiler Capacity 7.5 LT
Canister Capacity 1000gms
Fresh Milk Capacity 4.2LT
 Operation Voltage 230 Volt/50HZ
Initial start up time 18 min @ 32* C Room Temperature
No of Selection 6
Dispensing rates /Minutes 6  cups
Power capacity 2.6 Watts