Automatic Tea Vending Machine

Since the days of yore, tea is known for its soothing and refreshing nature. This aromatic beverage reduces the level of the stress hormone cortisol and improves attention. In busy environments like offices, the need for a drink like tea is inevitable. Tea perhaps is a lofty health booster at the workroom, helps in becoming less prone to all those germs preponderant at work. It is also great for combating anxiety at the place of work and also lessens the menace of lifestyle ailments. The automatic tea vending machine helps in making such drinks on one-press to the users.

 Automatic Tea Vending Machine

Features of RICHCAFE automatic tea maker:

1. Compatible
2. Customizable
3. Economical
4. Easy Maintenance
5. Ergonomic

The automatic tea vending machines give tea with authentic taste, without involving the long old brewing process. For relaxing intermissions within office premises, the auto tea vending machines work effectively. Other than satisfying thirst, tea can be had as an aid for meditation, to help calm the nerves, or simply to relax. The automatic tea vending machine makes tea with correct decoction and aroma to indemnify the palate.
The South Indian filter Tea maker is provided with two variations in operation.
• Fully automatic machines.
• Manually operated machines

South Indian Tea Maker – Automatic:

The classic taste of tea can be felt in the automatic south Indian tea makers. It is a boom to the tea enthusiast who longs for a freshly prepared cup of tea without consuming time. The only job in a fully automated tea maker is to fill the brew vessels with the ingredients before startup. It takes about 25 minutes at room temperature for the initial start-up. The brewing vessel can store up to 300 grams of tea powder and the milk container can store up to 6 liters of fresh milk. The tea brew vessel water capacity is 3.5 liters. The power capacity of the maker is 3400 Watts. The smaller size makes it portable and the auto cleaning feature makes it highly sterile. The flavor and evenness remain the same from the first cup to the last cup of this automatic tea vending machines.

Steps involved in making tea in a fully automatic machine:

• Place the south Indian tea powder in the brew vessel.
• Add fresh milk to the boiler and water in the water vessel.
• Start the machine.
• Wait for 25 minutes at room temperature to start up.
• Press the tea button in the machine.
• Place the cup in the cup holder to collect the brewed tea.

The fully automatic south India tea maker can also make coffee on one-press, in a similar manner. The machine has only one dispensing unit that can be used for brewing either coffee or tea and can make one beverage at a time.

South Indian Tea Maker – Manual:

The manually operated south Indian Tea maker is for the people who require tea with variance in the strength of decoction. This model is lighter in weight than the fully automatic tea makers. The powder capacity is 100 grams to 300 grams. This tea maker has a tea decoction tank with a capacity of 5 liters. The tea with the preferred taste can be brewed at any premises in the manual South Indian Tea vending machine. These features are provided at a much lower price and in a small-sized machine. The machine provides perfectly brewed tea at a rate of 15 cups in a minute. The power capacity is 1400 Watts.

Steps involved in making tea in a manually operated machine:

• Place the south Indian tea powder in the brew vessel.
• Add fresh milk to the boiler and water in the water vessel.
• Start the machine.
• Wait for 25 minutes at room temperature to start up.
• Adjust the strength of decoction
• Collect the tea by opening the tea conduit.

The manually operated tea vending machine also provides an option to make coffee in a similar method with a distinct brew vessel with 100 grams capacity and pipe to collect the coffee. The property of adjusting the strength of the beverage according to one’s liking is the advantage of this type of tea vending machine.

The automated tea vending machine price can vary concerning the options range. The machine can be a two-option or four-option or six-option model.

2 OPTION automatic tea vending machine:

This type of automatic tea vending machines can dispense any two varieties of tea by adding the respective premixes. This machine weighs around 20 kilograms and has a power capacity of 2000 Watts. The 2 option automates tea maker is suitable for small organizations where there is no huge demand for varieties of tea. The heater tank capacity is 1.5 liters and also has an additional capacity of 0.75 liters. The tea variety can be changed at any time by just changing the premixes in the container. The safe and hygienic nature of the machine ensures the tea to be fresh and healthy. The machine provides 6 cups of tea in a minute. Only one dispensing unit is available in the machine. On selection of a type of tea, the respective tea can be collected by placing the cup in the cupholder.

4 OPTION automatic tea vending machine

This type of auto tea vending machines can make four varieties of tea and weigh around 29 kilograms. Any four types of premixes can be added to the container and the tea gets brewed at the appropriate temperature when the customer chooses the tea. The energizing nature of the tea can uplift the mood of the drinker and actuate the nervous system. The heater tank capacity is 2 liters and has an additional storage capacity of 1 liter. The machine has only one dispensing unit and the auto cleaning feature ensures no mixture of taste in the end product. The four-option automatic tea vending machines are suitable for low to medium range officialdoms. A high number of choices in a portable form is provided at a low cost. The machine is based on touch-based selection and has customization. It can dispense up to 7 cups in a minute.

6 OPTION automatic tea vending machine:

The six-option automatic tea maker has options for six tea varieties. The boiler capacity is four liters and has an initial startup time of 10 minutes at room temperature. The power capacity is 5.2 Watts. Twelve cups of tea can be prepared within a minute in this type of automatic tea maker. It has a water tank of 25 liters capacity and a canister capacity of 1000 grams. This type is suitable for large workplaces and places with a demand for high varieties of drinks.

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