What if you could get healthy drinks for vending machines instead of sugar-enriched sodas? Well, give it a try because we bring you the hot chocolate powder, badam mix powder, malt powder and many more flavours. Most business places and cafes provide standard beverages but you know that the best drink is always a healthy drink. Every time you feel stressed about your work, try drinking chocolate powder with a good amount of hot or cold milk to get refreshed in a few seconds. Continue reading to know more about the variety of healthy drinks we have.

Make a healthy choice by choosing healthy drinks for vending machines 

Our vending machines allow you to choose a health drink with tea and coffee. We make sure to provide the best flavour and quality health drinks powder to our customers. Now, you get to drink hot chocolate with our hot chocolate powder or taste the chill drinking chocolate powder. Take one nutritional step by choosing the almond powder for the almond powder drink. There is another nutritional choice which is the badam mix powder. Our healthy drinks will keep you hydrated, energetic and healthy.

  • Healthy drink premix contains nutritional and high-quality ingredients
  • We provide a range of healthy drinks powder for our customers
  • It suits the office space, restaurants, business places and canteens
  • Healthy drinks are a good replacement for the fizzy drinks and fatty snacks
  • The vending machines of healthy drinks make it convenient

The hot chocolate mix for the commercial machine is available 

Many like to take a break from the standard drinks to enjoy drinking chocolate powder. The hot chocolate powder has a relishing taste and tempting aroma that creates a melting feeling in the mouth when tasted. Our chocolate mix is suitable for all vending machines.

  • We use the premium quality chocolate in the mix
  • The drinking chocolate powder premix contains sucrose, partly skimmed milk, cereal extract, malted barley, maltodextrin
  • Intense chocolate aroma and flavour
  • Apt for vending machines
  • Can be used to make a hot and cold chocolate drink
  • Store the chocolate mix in a cool and dry place

The badam milk premix is highly appreciated in the market

Our badam mix powder has a blend of amazing flavour and refreshing taste. We take time to select the high-grade almonds for the making of the almond powder. The nutritional value, richness and aroma of the almond powder drink make you come for more.

  • The badam mix powder is recommended to drink with hot milk
  • The ingredients are almond powder, cashew nuts, dairy whitener, sucrose, and maltodextrin
  • The almond powder drink does not contain preservatives and impurities
  • Perfect for canteen, workplace, and catering vending machines
  • Almond powder is an instant premix

The goodness of malt drink powder and its nutrition in a packet 

The combination of malt powder, sugar, cereals, and milk solids is a good supplement for every day’s endeavour. The malt premix is processed and packed following the standard hygiene protocols. The malt powder drink is a balanced and nourishing drink for employees during the rush hours.

  • It contains sucrose, partly skimmed milk, malted barley extract, wheat flour and maltodextrin
  • The malt powder gives you minerals and vitamins with the exciting flavour
  • You can add malt powder to the milkshakes, other dairy drinks, cakes and cookies
  • Once opened, store the malt powder packet in an airtight container
  • Malt powder mix makes a perfect everyday drink for adults and children
  • Does not contain artificial colours and flavours

Get the premix milk powder for easy use

Dairy products are a source of minerals and calcium. The premix milk powder is made by drying fresh milk. The low moisture of the premix milk powder makes it eligible to store for a longer time. You can add premix milk powder to the drinking chocolate powder, badam mix powder, or malt powder and add some hot water to make a cup of flavoured drink.

  • Amazing taste and freshness maintains the quality of the milk powder
  • Hygienically packed
  • Good quality milk is used to make milk powder premix
  • Do not refrigerate instead store in a dry, cool place

Taste the light and pure Instant green tea mix

The green tea extract has good healthy elements like antioxidants, caffeine and theanine. The unique taste and aroma of the green tea give you an option to enjoy your tea differently. We consider all the benefits of the green tea and bring you the instant green tea mix to the vending machines.

  • The instant green tea premix contains sucrose, tea extracts and milk solids
  • No chemicals are added
  • The tea powder is easily soluble and does not leave residue
  • The green tea can be enjoyed hot or cold
  • Preserve for longer period

The instant lemon tea premix gives you another choice to love tea

Those summer days are perfect to sip a chilled lemon tea. The lemon tea gives a soothing feel after drink. Ingredients are sucrose, tea extract, lemon powder, INS300 and vitamin C. Lemon tea premix is an instant way to serve lemon tea.

  • The lemon tea premix has the fresh and natural taste
  • After opening, store the premix in a closed container
  • Suitable for the vending machines
  • No added artificial colours or preservatives
  • Can be stored for a long time

The hot chocolate powder, almond powder and malt powder can contribute to the healthy drinks for vending machines. Make a lead to a healthier lifestyle and work-style. All of our products are processed and packed in a clean environment. The healthy drinks can be made available on offices, canteens, and cafeterias. You can make your order through Whatsapp, the link is on the lower right corner of the page. Otherwise, enter the relevant order details in the enquiry box to get more information. If the Enquiry box is not available, click the red chat symbol on the lower-left corner of the page.