Instant coffee premix for vending machines

The tedious work culture has made working people to take a coffee break between long working hours. The instant solution to bring a favourite cup of coffee has brought the coffee vending machines into action. Offices, IT companies, MNCs, public buildings, small cafes are the real places where coffee vending machines are required. As many institutions and offices require the instant coffee premix for vending machines, we are considering this opportunity to provide the best of all instant coffee premix in the market. We get the top quality coffee beans for our instant premix coffee from Chikmagalur and Shevaroy hills of the Western and Eastern Ghats respectively. We then stock the fresh coffee beans at the right season to make freshly roasted beans which makes the primary ingredient for the instant coffee premix powder. Once the right amount of coffee beans reach our factory, we begin the process to make a relishing instant coffee premix for our consumers. We are happy to serve the different demands of our consumers by making types of instant coffee premix for various purposes.

Features of instant premix coffee powder:

  • Freshly roasted and ground coffee beans give an intense coffee flavour to the instant coffee premix.
  • The fine, smooth and nicely ground instant premix coffee powder blends so well with a cup of fresh milk or dairy whitener.
  • The fresh coffee aroma remains intact in the instant coffee premix packet for a longer time and retains the flavour in coffee granules.
  • Our instant coffee premix powder is packed clean and air-tight such that it remains touch-free until our consumers receive.
  • Make the instant premix coffee with the coffee vending machine that suits your purposes at any place.
  • The instant coffee premix is free from all impurities.
  • No added chemicals.

Our steps to make the best instant coffee premix:

  • Organic and fresh coffee beans
  • A long process of tasting the coffee to get the best flavour
  • German’s Air Roasting Technology
  • Grind freshly roasted coffee beans to provide fine coffee granules
  • Making three different types of instant coffee premix powder to serve our various consumers
  • Quality packing to ensure no-spill and freshness of coffee

Instant Premix Coffee Powder

Each step of the coffee-making process adds a value to the instant coffee premix. We make sure to retain the intense coffee flavour and the alluring aroma in every sense. A hot cup of instant premix coffee can make an ordinary day to an extraordinary day. The instant coffee premix powder is processed by hygienically authorized technology and global standards.

  • Major ingredients of the instant coffee premix are – sucrose, partly skimmed milk powder, soluble coffee powder and maltodextrin.
  • You need not add sugar to the instant premix coffee as it contains enough sugar.
  • Add dairy whitener to the instant coffee premix powder for better taste.
  • Make Latte, Espresso, or Cappuccino with the instant coffee premix.
Instant coffee premix for vending machines

Royal Premix Coffee Powder

The Royal premium instant coffee premix has a distinct and rich flavour. Our consumers prefer the Royal instant premix coffee overall as it becomes the undoubted choice. The instant coffee premix gives the freshness filled energy and amazing taste in every sip. It makes a delightful drink for a stressful mind.

  • Good for health and stimulates the mind in every instant premix coffee drink
  • The royal instant coffee premix contains soluble coffee powder, sucrose, partly skimmed milk powder and maltodextrin
  • High quality roasted coffee beans and chemical-free ingredients
  • Supreme taste and strong coffee aroma
  • No need to add sugar to the royal instant coffee premix powder

Low Sugar Premix Coffee Powder

The standard instant premix coffee powder contains a small amount of sugar but, if you prefer coffee without sugar, the appropriate choice is the low sugar premix coffee powder. The instant coffee premix gives an ideal coffee flavour and taste. Considering the sugar level of the instant premix coffee, this drink is healthy in every aspect.

  • The low sugar level of the instant premix coffee makes it preferable
  • Uncompromising coffee taste and aroma
  • Ingredients are of high grade and natural raw materials
  • Fine coffee powder mixed to the hot water unlocks the strong sense of flavour
  • Does not contain artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or chemicals

Premix Milk Powder

We also provide premix milk powder – regular and special for our customers apart from the instant coffee premix powder. The fresh, pure milk is made to evaporate to get the dry milk powder. The dried milk powder is the only ingredient of the premix milk powder. You can add sugar to your desire and make a hot cup of milk.

  • Can preserve the premix milk powder for a longer period than the fresh milk
  • Add the premix milk powder and little sugar to the hot water for best result
  • Affordable price
  • Hygienically packed

Health Drinks

If you consider health drinks instead of the instant premix coffee, we have a variety of health drink premix. The badam milk has a lot of nutritional value and it makes a wonderful leisure drink. People like to drink a cup of cold chocolate milk to relax. Also, we have malt milk which makes a healthy drink for adults and children. Unlike the other drinks, we provide a spicy Maggi soup for the cup noodles that will make a quick snack in the evening.

  • Health drinks – Chocolate milk, Badam milk, Malt milk and Maggi soup.
  • Good nourishment and flavour
  • Can be used in offices, cafés, workplaces and cafeteria


The ultimate aim of working people is to get a refreshing cup of coffee. Coffee vending machines are the easiest way to provide instant coffee. Choosing the right instant coffee premix for vending machines is another factor to get proper coffee. We make sure our instant premix coffee gives the best taste, flavour and aroma. Book your instant coffee premix powder via Whatsapp, its link is at the right lower end of the page, or enter your order details in the Enquiry box.