South Indian Filter Coffee Maker

Coffee can be a nourishing beverage. It can become one step ahead when it becomes the traditional filter coffee. The south Indian filter coffee maker provides a distinctive chance to the popular coffee beverage brewed with special filter coffee powder to bring an authentic coffee flavor and aroma with a hint of saccharinity in it. For an ardent coffee lover, it should be a piece of happier news to know that a study has claimed filter coffee as the healthiest coffee and can even extend lives. The cafestol, which is bad for cholesterol is removed in the south Indian filter coffees. For people who demand taste as well as health, the south Indian filter coffee machine is an opt one. The working of the machine is designed in a manner so as it takes some time and the right temperature to let the coffee powder release the flavor. The permeated brewing technology is used in the machine to provide the toothsome Indian filter coffee.
This small wonder machine can make the procedure for south Indian filter coffee as simple as never imagined before. The Indian filter coffee machine has inbuilt food safety and hygiene features like auto cleaning options. The milk boilers are offered with different capacities. The south Indian filter coffee maker is built with robust SS304 Grade Steel capable of dispensing the highest volume of coffee in the quickest possible duration. The traditional taste of south Indian filter coffee is retained in this machine with ensured easy maintenance. The easy operation and maintenance with customization are all provided at an affordable cost in the machine.

South Indian filter coffee maker



The storage of milk is done in the milk boilers for making filter coffee in the machines. They are available in different capacities. There are two types of milk boilers
• Milk Boiler – Round type
• Milk Boiler – Round type with the tap

Both the milk boiler types weigh around 7 kilograms and operate at 230V/50HZ. These boilers can store up to 6 liters of fresh milk and have an initial start-up time of 25 minutes at 32 degrees Celsius. The milk boiler with tap can contain two selections and is larger in size than the other boiler type.

The South Indian filter coffee machines are provided with two variations in operation.
Fully automatic machines.
Manually operated machines

1.South Indian filter coffee (automatic)

An automatic model of south Indian filter coffee maker is designed to provide a simple and quick two-step contactless interaction. It can be considered as a by-product of ancient and modern technology. The effortless procedure for brewing inimitable coffee requires adding filter coffee powder and filling the boiler with fresh milk. The coffee decoction tank capacity is about 4 liters. In the coffee powder brew vessel, filter coffee powder of 200-400 grams can be added. It can store water of 3.5 liters in the coffee brew water vessel. The compatible and stylish nature makes the machine suitable at any place for the instant serving of authentic flavored filter coffee. The dispensing rate of the machine is 6 cups per minute. The machine can brew up to 3000 cups of coffee in a day.

Steps involved in making filter coffee in a fully automatic machine:

• Place the south Indian filter coffee powder in the brew vessel.
• Add fresh milk to the boiler and water in the water vessel.
• Start the machine.
• Wait for 25 minutes at room temperature to start up.
• Press the coffee button in the machine.
• Place the cup in the cup holder to collect the brewed coffee.
The fully automatic machine can also make tea on one-press, in a similar manner. The taste and consistency of the beverage can be seen from the first cup to the last cup. The machine has only one dispensing unit that can be used for brewing either coffee or tea.

2.Traditional filter coffee (manual)

The manually operated south Indian filter coffee maker is for the ones who like to tune the strength of coffee. The low cost and efficient machine with the feature to control your cup of coffee functions in a simple manner. It can store up to 200 grams of coffee powder in the brew vessel and the decoction tank has 5 liters of storage capacity. The fresh milk can be added to the boiler with 6 liters capacity. The machine has 1400 watts power capacity and is compatible with other traditional coffee makers. It can provide up to 15 cups of coffee in a minute which is highly effective for a coffee machine provided its invincible taste. The machine weighs about 11 kilograms which makes it easily portable.

Steps involved in making filter coffee in a manually operated machine:
• Place the south Indian filter coffee powder in the brew vessel.
• Add fresh milk to the boiler and water in the water vessel.
• Start the machine.
• Wait for 25 minutes at room temperature to start up.
• Adjust the strength of decoction
• Collect the coffee by opening the coffee conduit.

The manually operated model also provides an option to make tea in a similar manner with a separate brew vessel with 100 grams capacity and pipe to collect the tea. The feature to adjust the strength of the drink according to one’s palate is the advantage of this type of filter coffee machine.

3.South Indian filter coffee powder

The filter coffee powder has a key role in the making of coffee that can relish the true taste of the Indian filter coffee. The south Indian filter coffee powder can make you feel both the freshness and richness in the coffee. The filter coffee powder is made by crushing the finely selected coffee beans. The coarseness of the powder provides the aroma and taste to the filter coffee when brewed. The packaging is made so that the freshness and nutritional value of the powder are never lost.
We also make large quantities of special blends based on customer requests satisfying the requirements.

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