Welcome to RichCafe, the leading distributor of Nestlé products for Indian Railways and educational institutions, including colleges and schools. As the official distributor, we take pride in offering an extensive range of Nestlé products to cater to your needs. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction sets us apart.

Explore our diverse product lineup, featuring Nestlé’s finest offerings:

  1. Nestlé Premixes: Indulge in the convenience and flavors of Nestlé Premixes, perfect for a quick and delicious beverage fix.
  2. Nescafé Signature Blend: Experience the rich and aromatic taste of Nescafé Signature Blend, crafted to satisfy coffee lovers.
  3. Everyday Vending Premix: Enjoy the everyday goodness of Nestlé’s Vending Premix, delivering a delightful beverage experience.
  4. Nestlé Cardamom: Delight your senses with the exotic flavor of Nestlé Cardamom, adding a touch of warmth to your beverages.
  5. Sunrise Premix: Start your day with the refreshing and invigorating Sunrise Premix from Nestlé, a perfect blend to awaken your senses.
  6. Dairy Whiteners: Enhance the taste of your hot beverages with Nestlé’s Dairy Whiteners, providing a creamy and smooth texture.
  7. Everyday Dairy Creamer: Experience the convenience and rich creaminess of Nestlé’s Everyday Dairy Creamer, enhancing your coffee or tea.
  8. Nescafé Stick Pack: Enjoy the convenience of Nescafé Stick Packs, offering a perfect portion for a satisfying cup of coffee anytime, anywhere.
  9. Lemon Ice Tea Premix: Quench your thirst with the refreshing taste of Nestlé’s Lemon Ice Tea Premix, a delightful combination of citrusy goodness.
  10. KitKat Chocolate: Indulge in the iconic KitKat chocolate bars, available in various sizes, including 20, 25, 30, 50, 65, and above MRP.
  11. Milky Bar Moosha & Mould: Delight in the creamy and milky goodness of Milky Bar Moosha and Mould, a treat for chocolate enthusiasts.
  12. Munch Chocolates: Satisfy your cravings with the crispy and chocolatey Munch bars, offering a delightful snacking experience.
  13. Nestlé RTD (Ready-to-Drink): Quench your thirst on the go with Nestlé’s RTD beverages, including options like Milo and Hazelnut Cold Coffee.
  14. Maggi Packs: Discover the wide range of Maggi packs, available in both retail and bulk sizes, ensuring you have a delicious and convenient meal option.
  15. Hyderabadi Biryani Masala: Add a burst of flavors to your meals with the authentic Hyderabadi Biryani Masala from Nestlé.
  16. Manchurian Mix: Create delectable Manchurian dishes with the flavorful Manchurian Mix from Nestlé.
  17. Milkmaid Tins: Experience the richness and creaminess of Nestlé’s Milkmaid Tins, perfect for adding sweetness to your desserts.
  18. Maggi Cuppa Noodles: Enjoy the convenience of Maggi Cuppa Noodles, providing a quick and tasty meal solution for busy individuals.
  19. Pasta Variants: Explore a variety of pasta options from Nestlé, allowing you to indulge in delicious and comforting pasta dishes.
  20. Pasta Sauces and Sprinklers: Enhance the flavors of your pasta creations with Nestlé’s range of pasta sauces and sprinklers, adding that extra touch of goodness.
  21. Coconut Milk Products: Experience the smooth and creamy texture of Nestlé’s coconut milk products, perfect for adding richness to your culinary creations.
  22. Other Nestlé Products: We also offer a wide array of other Nestlé products, ensuring

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