Authentic filter coffee for a cafephile!!! Bean Filter Coffee machine

The filter coffee is one of the most preferred drinks around the globe. Brewing coffee is not a laughing matter when it involves the folks that cannot start their day without having a cup of delicious coffee. Every single ingredient and also the equipment matter here. It is demanding to get coffee without losing its natural flavor and aroma. If you prefer flavor over handiness, then the whole Bean filter coffee machines are the simplest choice. The roasted whole beans are powdered within the machines before making the coffee rather than using instant coffee powder. Whole beans are more tasteful and induce that fresh quality everyone looks for in a very delicious cup of coffee. On the other hand, ground beans tend to lose the aroma we are looking for, once we open a new bag of beans. Using the Bean filter coffee machine we can satisfy the taste buds of a cafephile. The coffee will have more of the natural intended flavors when the coffee grounds are used faster after grinding.

An automatic bean filter coffee machine uses the drip technique of making a decent quality of coffee from roasted beans after grinding and keeping it warm in a decanter all set for serving.

Bean Filter Coffee machine

The procedure and water pouring are done automatically within the bean filter coffee machine. On one-press, this machine provides the desired drink with promising taste and quality. The important parts of the bean coffee maker are the coffee grinder and the filter.

The coffee grinder:

  • The grinder within the machine produces a coarse, thick grind of coffee beans placed inside the container.
  • It also ensures coffee with good fragrance and delicious taste.

The filter:

  • When the hot water is poured over the grind obtained, the filter prevents the solid coffee grounds from entering the drink.
  • Gravity pulls the water through slowly, and vital oils, sugars, and flavorful compounds are extracted from the ground beans to make a tasty liquid beverage.
  • The filter usually incorporates a smooth flavor and weak caffeine content. It also takes longer to produce, but this may enable more complex flavor profiles to develop, suitable for different tastes.

Working of Bean Filter Coffee machines:

  • The roasted coffee beans are placed within the bean container inside the machine, and the milk/dairy whitener is placed in its container.
  • When the machine starts, the beans are ground into a coarse powder within the coffee grinder.
  • The filter inside the machine holds the coffee grounds.
  • The boiler inside heats milk and water which is then poured over these coffee grounds and passes through the perforations in the filter.
  • The brewed coffee is collected in the cup placed over the cupholder.

We have three models of bean to coffee machines. They are as follows,

  1. Ultima Bean to cup with fresh milk
  2. Bean to Cup with fresh milk machine
  3. Bean to cup coffee vending machine with Dairy Whitener

Ultima Bean to cup with fresh milk

The ultima bean to cup with fresh milk is specifically designed just for coffee lovers. They are merely coffee maker machines. This can also be said as a healthier version of coffee machines because only fresh milk can be used as a source. It can store up to seven liters of milk. It can accumulate one kilogram of coffee beans in the bean container. It consistently makes superb coffee without the requirement for manual setting on each use. This involves just one input from the user and being full- automatic from the beginning to the end of the process.

Bean to Cup with fresh milk machine

The Bean to Cup with fresh milk vending machine can make both coffee and tea. The advantage of this model is that both milk and dairy whitener can be added. The coffee lovers, who are lactose intolerant, are highly benefitted from the usage of dairy whitener. It has two canisters to store fresh milk and coffee beans. The bean containers are of 750 grams capacity, and the fresh milk machine is of seven liters storage. The taste exchange of the ground beans with the water is done in an ideal method to ensure the satisfaction of taste buds. The cleaning of the machine is a trouble-free process and is efficient.

Bean to cup coffee vending machine with Dairy Whitener

The Bean to cup vending machine with Dairy Whitener can make tea, five varieties of coffee, milk, and a health drink. The dairy whitener is used rather than fresh milk and is highly advantageous to those with FPIES. These machines can be used in places with a large number of users and can be called as the king of coffee vending machines. This machine is provided with three canisters to support the ingredients for the drinks. The coffee beans, tea powder, dairy whitener, and ingredient for the preferred health drink are added before starting the machine. The capacity of the coffee bean container is 750 grams and can provide eight drinks as a whole. This machine has an amazing milk frother and can be called a fresh milk vending machine. The health drink is made with the premixes available. It can also be a badam milk or malt drink or chocolate milk vending machine.

The five types of coffee include cappuccino, café latte, espresso, black coffee, and a customized coffee variety. Regarding the customized coffee, the user needs to inform the company while buying the machine and the company gets the machine programmed in line with the user’s taste. If the user’s preferred taste is like 200ml light coffee or 300ml strong coffee, this option can help them make it possible. This machine can hold its own place in the hearts of coffee aficionados around the world. All that the user needs to do is to press their desired drink and place the cup near the mouth of the dispenser.

Fresh Roasted coffee beans

The best coffee beans for machines will rise to the pressure and water temperature of the machine while maintaining a balanced flavor. Our fresh roasted coffee beans offer a more authentic, richer, creamier coffee experience. The chosen coffee beans from Shevroy hills and Chikmagalur are brought to our own plant in Ambattur. Here, these coffee beans are roasted at an appropriate temperature through an authentic process and packed without losing its fragrance and richness.


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