The best fresh roasted coffee beans are all for you to enjoy the ultimate

The coffee plant, grown in the tropical evergreen region, needs the perfect soil, altitude, temperature, rainfall, sunlight, processing and nurturing. The southern part of India is known for the rich coffee production so we connect with our local farmers of Chikmagalur and Shevaroy hills from the western and eastern ghats respectively. Our team inspects the cultivation in person and gets the raw, high-quality coffee beans to the plant in Chennai with utmost care. The coffee beans are harvested by picking the ripe coffee cherries and then drying. The coffee seeds are removed, separated according to the sizes and carefully packed. We use two types of coffee beans – Arabica and Robusta which comes directly from the mountainous regions.

Best Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans

The freshly picked green coffee beans raw are brought to our Chennai plant where the harmonic process of the roasting is done carefully. Continue reading to learn how the best fresh roasted coffee beans are made.

Know the process of the fresh-roasted organic coffee beans


The moisture content of the coffee beans should be really low like 10% to 12% to protect the beans from getting spoiled. The natural process is drying in the sunlight, following that, the beans are transferred to the drier machines to further take down the moisture level. The drying is done meticulously to make sure the coffee beans are damage-free.


The dried coffee beans rest on the proper temperature and humidity to stabilize the coffee flavour.


The dried fresh whole coffee beans make their way to the milling machines. The dry husks of the coffee beans are removed to clean them. After the parchment layer of the beans is removed, they undergo polishing to remove the skin layer.


The damaged coffee beans are separated and sorted according to the quality. The quality of fresh organic coffee beans differs with the size, weight, and colour. Every quality serves a purpose. Our choice is the top quality coffee beans as we do not want to compromise the high standards for our consumers.


How can you find the best coffee? Simply taste. We evaluate the aroma, bitterness, acidity, flavour, sweetness and the feel of the coffee in the mouth. A value price is decided according to the quality standards.


The final process is the roasting. This is when the fresh coffee beans become the brown coffee beans releasing the aroma. We do assess the roasted coffee beans to determine the flavour and quality. These perfectly become the best filter coffee beans and best espresso coffee beans. Check out the various coffee vending machines on our page. After the roasting is complete, the roasted beans are cooled. You can buy roasted coffee beans wholesale to avoid paying a high price for the fresh coffee beans.

Enjoy our locally roasted coffee beans

All of our coffee beans are locally roasted in the plant. The coffee beans are brought from the same and single farm of the mountains. The single-origin coffee beans retain the authentic, distinct taste than the coffee beans of multiple origins. The beans are enriched with the required nutrients and flavour. Easily a bad roasting method can ruin the coffee beans raw. Our skilled people roast the coffee beans in a methodical manner that suits the variety and type of coffee bean.

We can give you the essence of the best medium roast coffee beans

Most of the drinkers prefer the medium roasted coffee beans over the dark roasted because the aftertaste of the medium roast remains intact and natural. The whole medium roast coffee beans are typically brown and have a low acidity flavour. It has an intense quality but not as the dark roasted coffee beans. It gives a balance between the original bitterness and sweetness of the fresh whole bean coffee. Generally, the best light roast coffee beans have a light brown colour and very low oil on the bean surface. The smooth and mild coffee flavour of light roast coffee feels amazing and makes a vibrant taste. We roast the coffee beans raw depending on the customer’s demand. The coffee roast level can be customized still preserving the natural coffee flavour and quality. We customize the coffee bean type on the requirement. The Arabica and Robusta coffee beans ratio can be adjusted according to the wants of our customers. The separate and single roasted coffee bean type will also be available. Irrespective of the mixture of coffee beans and the roasting level, we maintain a high standard in providing the best fresh roasted coffee beans. The coffee beans are suitable for the instant coffee brew, filter coffee and espresso coffee.

You are at the best place to buy freshly roasted coffee beans

The coffee bean roasting style is made flexible as per the consumer interest. We have a prominent variety of coffee beans in the current market. The mixture of the different coffee beans is custom-made to satisfy the consumer need. Sometimes the well-roasted coffee beans are not far away from the city. If you are desperate to taste the fresh whole bean coffee, turn up at our coffee plant to get a glimpse of the real coffee flavour.

We know the roasting is an important part of the coffee bean, the stage where the coffee develops an enchanting and rich aroma and flavour. The processing of roasted coffee beans requires expertise and determined spirit. We have adopted the Air Roasting Technology method from Germany to provide the best fresh roasted coffee beans. The filter coffee, espresso, and instant coffee brewing are desirable. If you got more questions or you want to buy roasted coffee beans, our support team is ready with the answers. Just put your questions in the enquiry box at the lower-left corner of the page.

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