Use live fresh milk vending machines and save the milk boiling time

Driven by motivation, we are engaged to supply first-rate milk vending machines for our customers. The milk vending machine is a simple way to provide the required amount of milk to your drink in a lively environment like an office, workplace, café, and retail public store where you do not have much time or amenities to avail fresh milk. The coffee and tea vending machines have incorporated the electric milk boiler from which you can dispense the fresh milk. The following features frame our live fresh milk vending machines.

  • We use high-quality, strong materials procured by a licensed dealer to develop the milk boiler that can withstand corrosion and scrapes for a longer period.
  • The big milk boilers can be easily cleaned after every use.
  • There are two extensive types of electric hot milk water boiler suitable for different needs of the consumer.
  • The simple structure of the fresh milk machine makes it easy to operate.
  • The design and weight of the milk boiler are specifically engineered to provide reliable performance.
  • The high storage capacity of the milk boiler helps to hold a large amount of fresh milk at one time.
  • The electric milk boilers suit perfectly for commercial use.

Try out the latest South Indian filter coffee and tea – automatic 

Make an amazing South Indian filter coffee using the automatic South Indian filter coffee maker that uses the milk boiler round type with a tap. There is not much work to do with this automatic machine. The least possible work you have to do is to fill the electric hot milk water boiler with the necessary measure of fresh milk. The tap attached to the boiler allows you to get the fresh, hot milk directly from the coffee maker for your beverages. Continue reading the features of the big milk boiler with a tap.

Live fresh milk vending machines
  • The maximum storage capacity of the milk container is 6 litres.
  • The boiler can store up to 7 litres of hot water in its container.
  • The height and width of the boiler with tap is 45 cm and 35 cm respectively.
  • The big milk boiler with tap weighs only 7 kgs, which is lighter than many other competitive brands.
  • There are 2 selections for the fresh milk boiler with a tap.
  • You can fill about 15 cups of fresh milk in a minute which proves that the dispensing rate is quite good.
  • The initial startup time for the milk boiler to get heated is 25 minutes at 32 degrees Celcius of room temperature.

Make your coffee or tea with South Indian filter coffee and tea – manual 

The South Indian filter coffee – the manual machine is apt for making tea or coffee of personal favour. The milk boiler for dairy here is the same round type which is used in the South Indian filter coffee – automatic, and without the tap. The tap of the boiler lets you dispense the fresh milk directly from the boiler to the cup. The fresh milk machine without tap is ideal for the manual South Indian filter coffee machines where you have to manually add most ingredients to make the drink. The following features will inform you more on the milk boiler round type.

  • The entire weight of the electric milk boiler is 7 kgs similar to the milk boiler round type with a tap.
  • The storage capacity of the milk container and the hot water container is 6 litres and 7 litres respectively.
  • The biggest difference is the size and structure of the fresh milk machine. Its height is 44 cm and the width is 33 cm.
  • The power capacity is similar to the boiler with a tap which is 2000 Watts.
  • The electric milk boiler manual is present inside the coffee machine. The only way to get milk is by opening the boiler manually.

The healthy premix Milk powder (Regular) gives fresh taste at an affordable price.

The milk powder (regular) is made by drying the milk and evaporating all moisture content. Storing dry milk powder helps to preserve it for a longer time than liquid milk. Mostly, the dry milk powder is used in the milk boiler for office use to make fresh milk within seconds.

  • Our premix milk powder is healthy and delicious.
  • Add the milk powder to the water in the fresh milk boiler and make your instant fresh milk.
  • We have avoided sugar or any other amount of sweetness in the milk powder (regular) to ensure that the only ingredient is the dry milk powder.

The premium quality Milk powder (Special) is the most preferred.

The milk powder is popular among the available premixes for its high nutritional and softness of the powdered milk. Find how it is different from the milk powder (Regular).

  • The milk powder (Special) has the same dry milk powder, but the extra flavour of delicacy is the special factor.
  • The raw high-quality milk is alone used to make the powder without a tiny amount of emulsifier, modifier, or stabilizer.
  • The milk powder (Special) is packed intact to preserve the freshness of the milk.
  • The protein-rich raw materials also carry less moisture to make the superlative taste.

Our Live fresh milk vending machines can provide top-quality milk and other amazing beverages without the need to touch the raw materials. The two types of milk boiler types are popular among our customers for the guaranteed service and quality provided. The well equipped electric hot milk water boiler allows you to devise a proper coffee or tea without much intervention. The two milk boiler types are suited for different machines. The machines are used to achieve different requirements. You can get the machines with the milk boiler at affordable prices directly from us. The scope of the milk boiler round type is to provide fresh milk to you all the time. The compact design, customized features like a tap, and the body to generate heat are appreciated among our customers.

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